Wine Engineering: Ingevin signs an agreement with Uzbekistan for the creation of a wine sector

Ingevin was part of the French ministerial delegation that travelled from 10 to 12 May to the Ouzbèk capital of Tashkent, accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Trade. The purpose of this visit was to meet Uzbek decision-makers in order to discuss the creation of a Vine and Wine sector in Uzbekistan.

With a rapidly expanding tourist activity, Uzbekistan wishes to capitalize on its assets and enhance its wine production by structuring a qualitative production sector.

Thanks to its recognized expertise in wine engineering, Ingevin was chosen to pilot this project with important opportunities for Uzbekistan.

This study work will include missions such as:

  • The characterization and selection of terroirs and grape varieties adapted to viticulture
  • The design of production tools in line with their desire for qualitative production
  • The implementation of a wine tourism, commercial and marketing strategy